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 中谷 美風

    Bifu Nakatani


画名 方外閑人  素履
    ​ ​ ほうがいかんじん そり


​中谷 美風

1959年10月2日生まれ。  奈良市在住
















 FFAーFuture Farmers of America(アメリカ学校農業クラブ連盟)




 国際リニアコライダーシンポジウムレセプション その他。


 文人趣味臥遊展開催2000年~ 真言律宗総本山西大寺。なら国際映画祭レセプション「書」。


・アドバイザーーMedicha  Tea Meditation room


​        茶良(ちゃら) 



2007年~2008年 『趣味の園芸』

        「花の墨彩画入門」連載 NHK出版

2007年     J-WAVE Growing Reed


         ナビゲーター 岡田准一 

2008年~連載中 『煎茶道』 表紙画と「表紙のお話」

2009年     Eo光 歴史ロマン紀行「売茶翁」

2011年     『サライ』 「茶の湯大全」




2013年     BSフジ 京都1200年の旅

​        「宇治に薫る茶の心」

        ナビゲーター 尾上松也

2013年     BS日テレ コロンブスの台所「茶」

2014年     『スプラウト』創刊号 光文社

2015年     『野菜の時間』1月号 NHK出版 

2016年     『文人趣味歳時記』


2016年     J-WAVE Growing Reed


         ナビゲーター 岡田准一

2019年     NHK「ごごナマ」「ならナビ」

​        「天平茶」の紹介。

2019年     『普洱』中国で出版されている


2020年     【映画出演】 光秀シアター



アンカー 1

Bifu Nakatani

Originating in China, the beautiful flow of the Sencha Tea Ceremony started alongside Chinese literary circles.

It came to Japan in the late Edo era where it developed over time into part of Japan’s unique and present day tea culture.

The Bifu school makes delicious tea, provides a fun venue, and promotes engaging conversation. In addition to brewing
tea, we create a beautiful atmosphere in which to enjoy it. This includes Ikebana flower arranging, Sumi-e ink paintings,
Calligraphy, Chinese Kanji poetry, sculpture, Inkan stamp carving, tea tool aesthetics, tea ware and crafts appreciation,
incense, literary thoughts, philosophy, history, etc…

This is a healing space. It is a place to escape and rejuvenate a tired body and spirit. Relax, unwind, and let your mind
travel through time with this cultural opportunity. Gain knowledge, culture, the art of “Sencha,” tea ceremony, and how
to create your own oasis for enjoying it.
No prior knowledge or experience is necessary.
Please join us. We look forward to you experiencing this special world for yourself!


Master Teacher:
Bifu Nakatani

Born Oct 2 nd 1959, lives in Nara.
Bifu Nakatani founded Bifu school in the Taisho period. He succeeded 3 rd master Miko-an to become the 4 th master. He
continues to revitalize the lost practice of Sencha culture through his pupils. Nakatani San also teaches Sumi-e ink
painting, Kanji poetry, Calligraphy and Ikebana flower arranging to students.
Influenced by Zhuang Zi Chinese classic literature and Lao Zi philosophy, Nakatani San learned the art form through
extensive research in the tea history books of China and Japan. He also experienced “Zen.” These achievements
promoted giving lectures of how to co-exist with literal hobby in today’s modern society.





Current Cultural Contributions:

● The head “Sencha Bifu” school
● The president of literal hobby resurrection.
● A member of “Chano-yu” Cultural society.
● General association corporation director of All Japan “Sen-cha do” Federation
● A member of “Yusei-Bunko” Study group.
●Schools in Tokyo and Nara.
● Lectures / meetings with Tea related companies.
● Sponsored Sumi-e ink painting exhibition.
● Founded “Utsugi” café where people can learn “Sencha” culture.

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